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Tumor Tissue Banking for Scientific Research

Raya Saab


Translational Research - Laboratory Research Application and Preclinical Studies  

  • Mark Jabbour
  • Ayman Tawil
  • Miguel Abboud
  • Samar Muwakkit
  • Nidal Tarek
  • Hassan El-Solh
  • Samir Akel
  • Marwan Najjar
  • Roger Moukarbel
  • Said Saghieh
  • Rachid Haidar
  • Riad Maaluf
  • Fouad Boulos
  • Rami Mahfouz
Zeina Merabi
Conditions and Keywords
Pediatric tumor/tissue biorepository
Biorepository,pediatrics ,Childhood tumors
Study Design
Basic / Translational
Eligibility and IRB
Min: 0
Max: 21

 Tissue biorepositories provide a resource that can be utilized to be utilized to investigate cancer pathology, genetics and biomarkers . The pediatric tumor/tissue biorepository will serve as a valuable resource for collaborative studies aiming to understand links between tumor biology and clinical behavior and response to therapy. These specimens can also be used to evaluate prognostic biological markers in relation to serial clinical interventions.

 Patients 0-21 years of age, who are newly diagnosed with primary or recurrent tumors

 Tissue from the tumor will be obtained at the time of diagnostic or therapeutic surgery- no extra procedure would be done solely for research use. In parallel, we are also collecting 2-5 mL of peripheral blood, during blood drawing for diagnostic purposes. 

Collected samples will be proccessed to include: a) Fresh frozen tissues, b) Paraffin embedded tissues, c) Extreacted RNA, d)Extracted DNA and e) Serum & Plasma (initial and follow up)

 Patients 0-21 years of age, who are newly diagnosed with primary or recurrent tumors, will be eligible.  Patients older than 21 years of age will be eligible if they have pediatric-type tumors (medulloblastoma, Ewing sarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma).

Patients older than 21 yeras of age, who do not have pediatric- type tumors

Healthy subjects