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Descriptive Information
Perioperative Systemic vs. Inhaled Steroids in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients Undergoing Non-Thoracic Surgery

Hassan Chami



Conditions and Keywords
Compare the occurrence of POPC in COPD patients undergoing non-cardiothoracic surgery who receive systemic corticosteroid vs. inhaled corticosteroids therapy
POPC,COPD,Surgery,Inhaled corticosteroids,Systemic corticosteroids
Study Design
Observational Study
Case Control
Eligibility and IRB
Min: 40

We hypothesize that administration of preoperative inhaled steroids is associated with reduced risk of POPC in patients with COPD compared to systemic steroids. We propose to conduct a prospective observational study that would test this hypothesis by comparing the occurrence of POPC in COPD patients undergoing non-cardiothoracic surgery in relation to administration of systemic versus inhaled corticosteroid preoperatively. In addition to clarifying the association of perioperative steroids use and perioperative complication this study will be important as a basis for further clinical trials. Furthermore, we will explore whether any specific maintenance inhaled therapy is associated with reduced POPC after discharge from the hospital. By evaluating the efficacy of two different preventive treatments of POPCs in COPD patients undergoing noncardiothoracic surgery and looking at post-operative we will be able to set a scientific comparison for better judgment on the course of treatment for this group of patients with minimized complications.

Adult patients (≥40 years old) with COPD admitted to undergo elective surgery at AUBMC.


Patients aged ≥40 years old with COPD (post bronchodilator FEV1/FVC<70%) admitted to undergo elective surgery at AUBMC. All patients with available pulmonary function test data will be included in the analysis.

Patients admitted for emergency surgery will not be included. Patients <40 year old and patient with asthma, congestive heart failure (EF<50%), COPD exacerbation at the time of operation and patients undergoing reoperation will be excluded.