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Cerebrospinal fluid, Urinary and Plasma Biomarkers in Multiple Sclerosis

Samia Khoury


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  • Hala Darwish
  • Bassem Yamout
  • Samir Atweh
  • Raja Sawaya
  • Ahmad Beydoun
  • Riad Khalifeh
  • Wassim Nassreddine
  • Jean Rebeiz
  • Samer Tabbal
  • Achraf Makki
  • Salem Hammoud
  • Wissam Yamak
  • Wadih Baajour
  • Nabil El Ayoubi
  • Nour Estaitieh
  • Zainab Abdallah
  • Maya Fakhredin
  • Sahar Farhat
  • Stephanie Bustros
  • Hassan Doumiati
  • Elia Malek
Cynthia Eid
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Conditions and Keywords
Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis
Study Design
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The aim of the study is to explore the cerebrospinal fluid, urine and plasma of MS patients and compare it to other neurological or suspected neurological disorders, for biomarkers that will aid the diagnosis and management of the disease progression.
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Eligibility and IRB
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The study consists of establishing a bank of CSF, urine and plasma to develop disease biomarkers. CSF will be collected during routine diagnostic Lumbar Puncture procedure. Urine and blood samples will also be collected on the same day of the CSF collection.

Subjects will be recruited from patients who already consented to have a lumbar puncture procedure for clinical reasons at the MS center, other outpatient units, or as inpatients at AUBMC.

Non-probability sampling

- Patients diagnosed or in the process of diagnosis with MS following the revised McDonald MS diagnostic criteria

- Patients with clinically isolated syndrome

- Patients with neuromyelitis optica or other related diseases

- Neurology patients diagnosed or in the process of diagnosis with a neurological disorder