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Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Database

Samia Khoury



  • Hala Darwish
  • Bassem Yamout
  • Samir Atweh
Cynthia Eid
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Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis
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To investigate the natural history of multiple sclerosis (MS), as measured by clinical evaluation and biomarkers of disease activity (MRI and immunologic studies), and to develop an electronic database with the clinical information obtained over the course of the study. The other purpose of this study is to explore and follow the course of cognitive performance of subjects with MS and correlate it with their blood and MRI findings. This will allow us to develop new laboratory tests in order to both diagnose and follow the course of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. This will also help us establish a behavioral and clinical database in addition to blood samples bank of MS patients who are carefully diagnosed, monitored and followed clinically.
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The study aims to create a database and biobank of blood and urine samples to establish a link between immune abnormalities in the peripheral blood of MS patients and the level of disease activity as measured clinically and by MRI imaging. It also aims to establish a link between immune measures and therapeutic efficacy of currently used drugs for MS and to explore the urine of MS patients for biomarkers that will aid the diagnosis and management of the disease progression. In addition, the other aim of this study is to establish a link between the MS patients’ cognitive performance, their immune measures, retinal GCIPL and NFL, and MRI findings. It also aims to explore the therapeutic efficacy of currently used drugs for MS on cognitive performance and assess the MS patients’ quality of life, functional level, and treatment satisfaction.

- Multiple Sclerosis patients visiting the MS Center
- Age and sex-matched healthy adult volunteers

Non-probability sampling

- Patients diagnosed with MS or related disorders.

- Healthy adult subjects who are not known to have an autoimmune disease, not taking anti-inflammatory medications, and not having signs of infection

- Patients with neurological diseases not within the MS spectrum

- Pregnancy