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Concordance Between Immuno-histochemistry and Gene Expression Profiling for Estrogen Receptor, Progesterone Receptor, and HER-2 Receptor Status in Breast Cancer Patients in Lebanon

Arafat Tfayli

IM.AT1. 29
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Conditions and Keywords
breast cancer
immunohistochemistry ,breast cancer,molecular profile,ER,PR,HER2
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This is a retrospective chart review of 84 breast cancer patients at AUBMC. A previous study done by Dr. Tfayli (IM.AT.05 Gene expression profiling of breast cancer in Lebanese women) collected fresh breast cancer pathology samples from newly diagnosed early-stage breast cancer patients with no prior history of malignancy or chemotherapy. Microarray analysis was performed on these samples to determine gene expression. Based on the results, the samples were divided into the following classes: Luminal A [Estrogen Receptor Positive (ER+); low grade], Luminal B [ER+; high grade], HER2 positive (HER-2 amplification) and basal [ER-; Progesterone Receptor Negative (PR-); HER-2-]. The aim of this project will be to assess the correlation between the above-mentioned molecular subtypes and the expression of ER, PR, HER-2.