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cardiac arrest
cardiac arrest ,out of hospital cardiac arrest, OHCA, asia, res,resuscitation
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cardiac arrest database in selected counties in Asia
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The PAROS CRN is a collaborative research group formed in 2010 by dedicated Pre-hospital and Emergency Care (PEC) providers conducting PEC research in the Asia-Pacific region. It promotes collaboration by bringing together like-minded individuals to share experiences and develop joint initiatives for the betterment of PEC.

Currently, research into PEC in the Asia-Pacific region is largely inadequate and poorly coordinated owing to the marked variations in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) systems and outcomes reporting. With PEC conditions such as Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) being one of the leading causes of death worldwide, the dearth in the understanding of trends and  research in PEC underscores the urgent need for more collaborative research and good-quality intervention trials in PEC.

PAROS CRN endeavours to improve outcomes from PEC across the Asia-Pacific region through the creation of a platform to support and stimulate research into effective strategies to improve survival in PEC. The ability to reach out to countries across the Asia-Pacific region means that the Network can adopt a multi-pronged strategy that targets key stakeholders such as the community, EMS and the hospitals in its vision to improve PEC outcomes. By offering practical ways of monitoring and meaningful measurement of PEC outcomes, PAROS CRN has an enormous potential to contribute significantly to PEC research, regardless of whether they are epidemiological studies or clinical trials. As a first step, PAROS CRN has identified OHCA as one of its main thrusts. The Network will gather valuable information on OHCA and deepen the understanding of the EMS systems in the region to devise strategies that improve survival. 

Patients presenting with OHCA to the emergency rooms in the countries currently collaborating with PAROS. Countries include: Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Lebanon, China, Japan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Pakistan, India

All patients who sustain a sudden cardiac arrest in the out of hospital setting. All patients who present to the EDs with OHCA would be recorded and patients electronic record would be reviewed on patients discharge.

All patients who sustain a sudden cardiac arrest in the out of hospital setting