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The association of BPA exposure with alteration in ER methylation and RTL

Nathalie Khoueiry-Zgheib

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Conditions and Keywords
Healthy controls
BPA, Methylation, RTL
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This study aimed to evaluate the potential association of BPA exposure with ESR1 promoter % methylation and relative telomere length. We have shown that there is a potentially non-monotonic relationship between BPA exposure and ESR1 promoter % methylation in the male sub-cohort, and that high BPA levels are associated with shorter relative telomere length within the female sub-cohort only. 

This study utilized data from an available database of a cross-sectional community-based study of a representative sample of 501 Lebanese adults (age >18 years) residing in Greater Beirut that were recruited between February and June 2014. 

A representative sample of Lebanese adults was selected based on a multistage probability sampling, where the strata were the districts of the Greater Beirut area.  Within each district, neighborhoods, then households were randomly selected based on a systematic random sampling according to the estimated number of neighborhoods and households within each district. At the household level, a primary adult respondent was selected based on the most recent day of birth. 

Lebanese adults (age >18 years) residing in Greater Beirut 

Pregnancy, dialysis, mental disability, and employment in a plastic or any other chemical company.