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A school-based emotional resiliency program for middle school students in Lebanon: Evaluation of implementation and effectiveness in reducing the burden of depression and anxiety.

Fadi T Maalouf


Clinical Research - Epidemiologic and Behavioral Studies  

  • Rima Afifi
  • Leyla Akoury Dirani
  • Rima Nakkash
  • Lilian Ghandour
  • Anne Becker
  • Harvard Global Health Center-Dubai
Farah Tabaja
Conditions and Keywords
Intervention ,School-Based ,Anxiety,Depression ,FRIENDS
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We will recruit 400-450 grade 6 students from eight randomly selected schools with similar characteristics in Beirut. All students will be screened for depression and anxiety and general psychopathology. School related metrics will also be collected.

Four schools will be randomly assigned to receive the “FRIENDS” program and the four other schools will be waitlisted. The “FRIENDS” program is a cognitive behavioral school-based intervention that has been shown to be effective in reducing levels of anxiety and depression in youths. The Program consists of ten 60 to 90 minute weekly sessions which focus on coping skills, emotional resilience and problem solving, among others. We will adapt the intervention to our context, including adding content on conflict and displacement - building resilience in the face of chronic uncertainty and adversity.

Follow-up assessments will be conducted at the end of the intervention, after 6 months and after one year. Waitlisted schools will receive the intervention one year later if proven to be effective.

Participants will be Grade 6 students from randomly selected 8 schools from a pool of Beirut schools with similar characteristics. Schools have to be private, mixed gender schools with at least 2 sections in Grade 6.

From the 8 randomly selected schools 4 will be randomly assigned to receive the "FRIENDS Intervention" while the 4 other schools will be wait listed and will not receive the intervention. Waitlisted schools will receive the intervention one year later if proven to be effective.

-Grade 6 students

-Beirut schools

-Mixed gender schools

-Schools having at least 2 sections in grade 6 

-middle tuition fees