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Diagnosis of Pyelonephritis by CT

Fadi El-Merhi


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Conditions and Keywords
Computed tomography,Contrast media and effective dose,Pyelonephritis
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 The purpose of this retrospective study is to report the density differences between ROIs and normal kidney parenchyma on non enhanced CT, thus trying to arrive to a standardized measurement to make the diagnosis of acute pylonephritis

Patients diagnosed with APN who had CT imaging done at AUBMC. We will be collecting clinical information about our patients. This information will be obtained from the medical records.

This is a retrospective study aiming at standardising the diagnosis of Acute Pylonephritis (APN) on enhanced and non-enhanced CT imaging.

Dr. Fadi El-Merhi will review previous CT images of patients diagnosed with APN at AUBMC. He will measure the CT density differences between regions of the kidney affected with APN and normal kidney parenchyma on Non enhanced CT

Patients of any age who presented to the ER with flank pain and who had undergone CT imaging and diagnosed with APN

All those who had undergone CT imaging for stone protocol and were not found to have APN