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Description of Blast Injuries and Predictors of Admission to Hospital in Blast Victims in an Urban Civilian Setting Running Title: Blast Injuries in Urban Civilian Settings

Mazen El Sayed

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Rana Bachir
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Blast Injuries
Blast injuries,Facial injuries,Emergency Department,Lebanon
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The aim of this study is to analyze all blast victims who presented to our institution in the last 8 years. Our analysis will include:

1)      Characteristics, mechanism and types of blasts we encountered. 

2)      Distribution of our patients according to age and gender.

3)      Classification of the injuries of each patient according to the type, severity and body region involved.

4)      Types of imaging done on each patient in the emergency department.

5)       Long term outcome of each victim in terms of mortality or morbidity.

Study design: Retrospective chart review study

All blast injury patients presenting to our ED over the period extending between January 2005  and December 2013. 

 A retrospective chart review of all cases that contain the chief complaint ‘blast’ and/or ‘explosion’ injury will be reviewed during the period from January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2013. All data will be entered in Microsoft Excel. Means and standard deviations will be calculated for the age. The absolute numbers and percentages will be presented for the gender, nature of injury, year of injury, classification of injury, type of imaging done, patient disposition and mortality outcome.


 All blast injury patients who presented alive to our ER and were evaluated by our physicians.

All the blast injury victims who were dead on arrival, as obviously these were not evaluated and we cannot classify their injuries.